Touching base again after my return from Berlin and Paris. What wonderful cities to visit! Berlin is pure, wide and open. The cleanest city I have ever seen! The Festival of Light was a marvellous extravaganza of colour and light spread across majestic and modern buildings.

The 9th International Light Association Conference got off to a wonderful start with workshops on Kirlian photography analysis, Virtual Scanning and Audio Visual stimulation. Dr Andrew Parker of Oxford University described how the development of the first fully formed eye sparked the big bang of evolution!

Dr Michael Hamblin of Harvard Medical School presented research on low level laser therapy and infra red light alleviating memory loss and dementia.

Each presentation was memorable for the incredible blending of science and creativity.

My presentation delved into the balance between our inner and outer vision. Watching the Japanese people gaze dumbstruck at the devastation after the tsunami lead me to think about what was left of the vision of our lives after an event such as that. When the outer landscape of our lives is unrecognisable, it is our inner landscape that will hold and guide us through trauma. Becoming conscious of our inner vision and learning how to strengthen and expand that view is the first step in being present with ourselves. Throughout the remainder of this portentous year hold tight to the reins, as our outer landscape begins to shift…

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