Light and Field therapy bridge the divide between our inner and outer vision. Light draws us closer, like a moth to a flame, dissolving the boundaries that we create between logic and imagination, opening our awareness to a free and uncluttered pathway to the entire range of human potential. How do we access this?

Mapping the fields of our vision reveals an instant image of the state of our awareness to all that surrounds us. Light expands this awareness by relaxing our beleaguered nervous systems and our minds, bodies and souls. Light mends the broken links, energetically releasing blockages that may have been in place for aeons.

The thread that underpins this theory is that of pattern recognition. Patterns exist throughout all of science, medicine and the humanities and Plato believed that there were eternal templates, pre-existing patterns for everything on earth. It was in the weaving together of these divergent fields, following the ‘eternal templates’, that this new and powerful therapy process emerged.


Light and Field Therapy Training

Through interactive discussion and group light sessions with Denise, participants will have the opportunity to experience the power of coloured light using sophisticated light instrumentation.



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