Field Therapy

A functional or perceptual colour field test –also known as a field of awareness – is a diagnostic test that reflects the personal patterns that we have developed in order to navigate life. It shows our stress, physical and emotional, and points to the areas that are subliminally known to us, but which we keep hidden in order to play the archetypal games that all of us humans do in order to maintain control.

The information that a field test will give one is the truth – it unearths what we keep hidden. Only when we are aware of our default mode of functioning are we able to make changes that will truly renew and re-energise our lives.

The test combines a unique method of iridology analysis and analyses how we interact with others and how our surrounding connections respond to us. As the field of awareness shifts, old beliefs and patterns of thought dissolve, creating confidence, inner strength and peace.

In its widest sense, examining fields is a way of making sense of the world, of connecting the far reaches of our outer vision with our subtle inner vision and filling the in-between with a map that threads together every part of our human awareness into an understandable whole.

Light and Field Therapy Training

Through interactive discussion and group light sessions with Denise, participants will have the opportunity to experience the power of coloured light using sophisticated light instrumentation.



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