How Light Changed my Life

I was in the doldrums in 1999

‘what am I DOING, where AM I headed, there MUST be more to life than this.. ‘

I think you will understand. Perhaps a doctor would diagnose that as depression. But before I was driven to antidepressants, through some strange and fascinating twist of fate, light came into my life.

Triggered by a patient who on returning from the USA, some months prior, told me to ‘find out about light’, I discovered that one could use light to expand consciousness. Finding this began a profound journey of healing for me and thankfully, re-ignited the fire in my belly without the use of medications.

This search and rescue effort was for my own soul, though I was under such dark clouds at the time to be unaware of it. I had to find the money to be able to buy the instrument that I intuitively felt would change my life. The fire that was warming my belly gave me the courage to gather my resources and order the instrument.

The system enabled one to experience twenty different colours for a variable period. I chose to watch those beautiful colours at a rate of 15seconds per colour. That’s five minutes of looking at coloured lights in a darkened room. The effect was nothing less than a transformation of my being. I became calm, focused, aware and energised. I began systematically completing tasks I had avoided for months. I powered through work, was filled with positive energy and enthusiasm and felt healthier than I had done in months.

A week later, when I began feeling a little fatigued from all this activity, I did another five minutes. And so it went on for a few more sessions with lengthened gaps between until my energy maintained by itself.

Soon after this, I discovered that light was used as an optometric tool in vision improvement – and I incorporated this into my practice, changing the entire trajectory of my life.

In the 17yrs since this experience, light has continued to inspire and guide me, boldly and sometimes shyly show me the way.

Is it time to change the trajectory of your life?

Blessings and Light



January 2017

What an incredibly exciting time this has been! There is nothing quite like uncertainty to stimulate the release of old thinking and spark new and innovative ways of accessing our thinking potential!

It is as though a teacher just wiped the board and said – you can make up your own courses, subjects and outcomes. Build a new world!
But this is particularly exhilarating when your field of awareness is already open. Wide fields have no boundaries, no exclusion zones and as a result are able to blend, meld and expand the connections between our inner and outer vision, our logic and imagination. When this happens, the possibilities are endless and life becomes a continual flow from inspiration to realization and back again.

I have begun teaching Light & Field courses on skype. For those wishing to learn more, please email me for further information.
I will be presenting this work at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at Olympia in London, 28th April -1st May 2017, Stand B8. Join me there! I will be offering Kirlian chakra analysis, an uplifting light session and a field analysis.

The 85th International Conference of the College of Syntonic Optometry will be held June 7-10th 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA. I will be there! Come and join me there for another exciting journey into the newest research on light.

A New Chapter

Life has taken me on a long journey since my last blog. My 40 year career in optometry came to an abrupt end when my back showed signs collapse and as often happens when the world seems to end, a whole new one opened up.
Requests in recent years have been to ask me to teach Light Field Therapy to people from many different disciplines. The interest that has developed has reached into the realms of psychology and education.

Discovering that in the late 1800’s, Freud found visual fields to be a dependable test in the diagnosis of hysteria, the International Light Association chose the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna for the 2016 Incredible Beingness of Light Conference. Field therapy is light years ahead in the realm of healing humanities emotions and this is where my future focus will be.

Return from Berlin

Touching base again after my return from Berlin and Paris. What wonderful cities to visit! Berlin is pure, wide and open. The cleanest city I have ever seen! The Festival of Light was a marvellous extravaganza of colour and light spread across majestic and modern buildings.

The 9th International Light Association Conference got off to a wonderful start with workshops on Kirlian photography analysis, Virtual Scanning and Audio Visual stimulation. Dr Andrew Parker of Oxford University described how the development of the first fully formed eye sparked the big bang of evolution!

Dr Michael Hamblin of Harvard Medical School presented research on low level laser therapy and infra red light alleviating memory loss and dementia.

Each presentation was memorable for the incredible blending of science and creativity.

My presentation delved into the balance between our inner and outer vision. Watching the Japanese people gaze dumbstruck at the devastation after the tsunami lead me to think about what was left of the vision of our lives after an event such as that. When the outer landscape of our lives is unrecognisable, it is our inner landscape that will hold and guide us through trauma. Becoming conscious of our inner vision and learning how to strengthen and expand that view is the first step in being present with ourselves. Throughout the remainder of this portentous year hold tight to the reins, as our outer landscape begins to shift…

2014 Update

I was unable to attend the 82nd International Conference on Light and Vision April 30- May 3, 2014 in sunny Florida this year due to some health issues and missed the opportunity to present at the Grand Rounds.

However, I was honoured in my absence by being awarded the Harry Riley Spitler Award. This award is given to people who have expanded the scope and application of syntonics in some way and I received this for my work on field analysis…

‘Original Discoveries and Research bring new Perspectives from Holistic Models of Healing and Human Potential to the Interpretation of Functional Fields of Awareness and Expand the Application of Syntonic Phototherapy’

My second book was launched at this conference – ‘Coaching the Invisible FIelds. A New Way to Reach Your Hidden Potential With Light and Visual Awareness’ and sold well to the burgeoning USA and European light community.

Upcoming exciting events for next year will be the inception of a unique Light Centre in Cape Town, filled with the most sophisticated light healing instrumentation in the world… watch this space…

Light and Field Therapy Training

Through interactive discussion and group light sessions with Denise, participants will have the opportunity to experience the power of coloured light using sophisticated light instrumentation.



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