How Light Changed my Life

I was in the doldrums in 1999 ‘what am I DOING, where AM I headed, there MUST be more to life than this.. ‘ I think you will understand. Perhaps a doctor would diagnose that as depression. But before I was driven to antidepressants, through some strange and fascinating twist of fate, light came into […]


January 2017

What an incredibly exciting time this has been! There is nothing quite like uncertainty to stimulate the release of old thinking and spark new and innovative ways of accessing our thinking potential! It is as though a teacher just wiped the board and said – you can make up your own courses, subjects and outcomes. […]


Brighton UK

And so I have made landing in Brighton UK – and what a beautiful city this is! The culture is open, accepting and refreshingly innovative here. There is a vibrant mix of music, art, writing and shows of an exceptionally high calibre. What a feast for my eyes and senses! A fine way to boost […]


A New Chapter

Life has taken me on a long journey since my last blog. My 40 year career in optometry came to an abrupt end when my back showed signs collapse and as often happens when the world seems to end, a whole new one opened up. Requests in recent years have been to ask me to […]


Return from Berlin

Touching base again after my return from Berlin and Paris. What wonderful cities to visit! Berlin is pure, wide and open. The cleanest city I have ever seen! The Festival of Light was a marvellous extravaganza of colour and light spread across majestic and modern buildings. The 9th International Light Association Conference got off to […]


2014 Update

I was unable to attend the 82nd International Conference on Light and Vision April 30- May 3, 2014 in sunny Florida this year due to some health issues and missed the opportunity to present at the Grand Rounds. However, I was honoured in my absence by being awarded the Harry Riley Spitler Award. This award […]


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