How Light Changed my Life

I was in the doldrums in 1999

‘what am I DOING, where AM I headed, there MUST be more to life than this.. ‘

I think you will understand. Perhaps a doctor would diagnose that as depression. But before I was driven to antidepressants, through some strange and fascinating twist of fate, light came into my life.

Triggered by a patient who on returning from the USA, some months prior, told me to ‘find out about light’, I discovered that one could use light to expand consciousness. Finding this began a profound journey of healing for me and thankfully, re-ignited the fire in my belly without the use of medications.

This search and rescue effort was for my own soul, though I was under such dark clouds at the time to be unaware of it. I had to find the money to be able to buy the instrument that I intuitively felt would change my life. The fire that was warming my belly gave me the courage to gather my resources and order the instrument.

The system enabled one to experience twenty different colours for a variable period. I chose to watch those beautiful colours at a rate of 15seconds per colour. That’s five minutes of looking at coloured lights in a darkened room. The effect was nothing less than a transformation of my being. I became calm, focused, aware and energised. I began systematically completing tasks I had avoided for months. I powered through work, was filled with positive energy and enthusiasm and felt healthier than I had done in months.

A week later, when I began feeling a little fatigued from all this activity, I did another five minutes. And so it went on for a few more sessions with lengthened gaps between until my energy maintained by itself.

Soon after this, I discovered that light was used as an optometric tool in vision improvement – and I incorporated this into my practice, changing the entire trajectory of my life.

In the 17yrs since this experience, light has continued to inspire and guide me, boldly and sometimes shyly show me the way.

Is it time to change the trajectory of your life?

Blessings and Light



Light and Field Therapy Training

Through interactive discussion and group light sessions with Denise, participants will have the opportunity to experience the power of coloured light using sophisticated light instrumentation.



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