January 2017

What an incredibly exciting time this has been! There is nothing quite like uncertainty to stimulate the release of old thinking and spark new and innovative ways of accessing our thinking potential!

It is as though a teacher just wiped the board and said – you can make up your own courses, subjects and outcomes. Build a new world!
But this is particularly exhilarating when your field of awareness is already open. Wide fields have no boundaries, no exclusion zones and as a result are able to blend, meld and expand the connections between our inner and outer vision, our logic and imagination. When this happens, the possibilities are endless and life becomes a continual flow from inspiration to realization and back again.

I have begun teaching Light & Field courses on skype. For those wishing to learn more, please email me for further information.
I will be presenting this work at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at Olympia in London, 28th April -1st May 2017, Stand B8. Join me there! I will be offering Kirlian chakra analysis, an uplifting light session and a field analysis.

The 85th International Conference of the College of Syntonic Optometry will be held June 7-10th 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA. I will be there! Come and join me there for another exciting journey into the newest research on light.

Light and Field Therapy Training

Through interactive discussion and group light sessions with Denise, participants will have the opportunity to experience the power of coloured light using sophisticated light instrumentation.



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